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Chapter News – Winter 2018


This newsletter has an important message that is somewhat different than what we normally communicate: Iron Gate’s  long  term  meeting  place, and the place that was the  inspiration for  the very name “Iron Gate”,  ‘ 21 Club ‘ in NYC, was severely damaged last winter due to a burst water pipe.  While   the  downstairs  bar  and  restaurant  are  due  to   open  soon  in a  limited manner,  the  space  we  used upstairs will be under construction  well  into 2018. We   have  obtained   commitments  from  the   ‘ 21 Club ‘   for  regular  luncheon meetings on  the  following  Thursdays, 23 August and 18 October 2018. The ‘ 21 Club ‘  has been kind enough to grant us  FRIDAY  DECEMBER  7  for  our  final luncheon date  of  2018.  This  promises  to  be  a  very  special  moment  as  we honor the memory of PEARL HARBOR . We anticipate having some very special featured  speakers and guests  for  2018  and they will be announced as soon as we receive confirmations.

You  will  notice  we  have  once  again  kept  your  current  dues  level .   Despite increasing costs. We have been able to maintain the current level of dining –  the best  New York City  has  to offer  by  transferring the  cost of wine service during your  meal  to the  responsibility  of  each individual diner –  it will be available for individual purchase while enjoying your meal.

If  you  missed  our  November  9 th luncheon ,  it was one  for the ages –  please check our website <irongateafa.org>  for photos and descriptions . Our Carol was able to invite  Buzz  Aldrin  to our  luncheon – many of you saw him on tv as New York City’s Veterans  Day Parade  Grand  Marshall . Our  members  once  again enjoyed the company of Shuttle astronaut Bob Cenker – STS-61C . We hope he becomes a regular at our luncheons.

President  Cipriano may  have  something  for our  membership  to  consider this spring.  As  co- Vice Chair of the Veterans’ Roundtable of the CFA Society of NY

he has proposed inviting SPACE X’s Elon Musk to keynote the Society’s second

Space Commerce Forum –  in  NYC  this  Spring –  TBA. Members are invited to attend.

Back to the 21 Club:  it would be beneficial for our members to  reach   out to the management and re-affirm our appreciation and commitment to 21 Club.  Please write or email either  Theodore Suric or  Mindy Gallop  identifying   yourself as a member of AFA Iron Gate.  Need not be a long note,  a  simple  “from the heart” message will suffice.   21 Club W 52nd St NYC 10019

Iron Gate continues to seek corporate sponsorship:   do you know any contacts?  We are asking for a modest contribution of   $5000   per   each of our luncheons.  Such support would go a long way to strengthening our finances.  If you know of any potential, either have that conversation or get in touch with the Iron Gate Board of Directors who will be glad to follow up.Do not forget we are also looking for new members.  Don’t be shy…recruit! As   previously reported :  Iron Gate  has a  LinkedIn  group.  Look it up and join!  Share it with others and by all means contribute to the site!      https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2430874