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Chapter News – October 2017


DATE:            THURSDAY       9  NOVEMBER 2017

TIME:             RECEPTION     11:30 AM          LUNCHEON  12:15 PM      -       ATTIRE / BUSINESS DRESS

LOCATION:   “21” CLUB ,  21 WEST  52ND  ST. ,  NEW YORK CITY,  NEW YORK      TEL:  (212) 582-7200


PRESIDENTS MESSAGE: On behalf of  IRON  GATE Chapter 275, AFA ,  we are especially honored to host General  Carlton  D.  Everhart , II    as  our   distinguished  speaker on  9   November.  General Everhart is  Commander, Air  Mobility  Command ,  Scott Air Force Base , Illinois. The  mission  is  to  provide  rapid , global mobility and sustainment for America’s armed forces.  In addition ,  the  Command  also  plays  a crucial  role in providing  humanitarian  support  at  home and  around  the  world as needed in relief of  domestic / allied populations  experiencing   the results of  catastrophic  disasters  as  we  have  recently  seen following  hurricanes  Harvey ,  Irma  , and   Jose   and the  destruction  that was wrought on Texas , Florida, and Puerto Rico .  Assistance  is  not  confined  to  national  disasters   as  we have witnessed the flow  of U. S.aid to our southern neighbor,  Mexico,  which  suffered  a  devastating  earthquake. Such   a  mission , “ global “  in  its  reach  and  “ global “   in  its  complexity  –  insuring maximum combat support while  also  providing  humanitarian  support  for   populations  experiencing  devastating catastrophes is no small feat , requiring the same skill and dedication of command and personnel at the highest levels of performance to meet the demanding challenges   of   combat  or  large  scale  rescue  operations .   Our  Air   Forces   have  performed  exceedingly  well  under   the   severe  strain    of   budgetary realities  and  manpower challenges .  These  results  are  not accidental  ,  we  have a corps of  fantastic caliber ,   with  equally  impressive    leadership.  As  an  audience , we  will be  given  a   “ behind  the  scenes  look “    at   what    it takes to successfully  accomplish  their mission.

Graduating from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  in  1983  he was    commissioned  in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps .  He has  held  various aircrew flying  assignments  in  the C-130E , C-17 A  and  C-21 A .  He was the Air Force  Aid to  the President , commanded at the squadron , group, and wing levels. General Everhart  also  served  at  Headquarters  U.S. Air Force and Headquarters  Air Education and Training Command.