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Chapter News – February 2018



IRON GATE’s   featured speaker General Carlton D. Everhart II drew a full house of distinguished guests as he described the mission of Air Mobility Command, and how daily challenges are overcome routinely while maintaining the highest level of esprit de corps.  The impressive record of his command speaks for itself and reflects the high level of leadership displayed.

Equally impressive was the audience in attendance – which included Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin – second human to set foot on the moon.  Buzz’s contribution to the understanding of orbital rendezvous (the basis of his Doctoral thesis at MIT) and his monumental contributions   to understanding the complexities of EVA during his spacewalk on the Gemini XII spacecraft were of incalculable value to NASA’s success in “ placing a man on the Moon before the end of the decade… “ JFK.  The Soviets did not have a clue until 1985 when we taught them orbital rendezvous as part of the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Also at the head table, Larry Thorpe, senior Director / Professional Engineering –  CANON  U.S.A. ,   an EMMY   recipient   honored    by   the Motion   Film    Industry    for    his   accomplishments   in  Digital Cinematography -  THE CHARLES JENKINS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD –  is  considered the father  of   HD-TV.  Larry   earned   his   stripes working on imaging for   NASA and had   a hand in perfecting the very camera Buzz was operating as Apollo 11 descended to the Moon – a point not missed by Buzz as he recounted its performance to Larry as he remembered the moment. Also in attendance, Gen. Ray Johns, Ret.  –   Senior Vice President / Flight Safety International, Bruce Whitman, CEO Flight Safety / Chairman Emeritus – MEDAL OF HONOR FOUNDATION, President  / USO, Maj. General Garrett Harencak  / Director of Recruitment   USAF, Gen. Ann Harrell, Ret., Col. Neil Richardson – Commander Joint Base McGuire, Col. Marty Reynolds – Fellow / Council of Foreign Relations. Rounding out our distinguished guest list – Phil Taylor / President – CFA Society of New York, Managing Director, Lazard Investment Banking Group, and Lance Widner, Chairman / Veterans Roundtable/ CFA Society of New York, Senior Director / Oppenheimer.

At the conclusion of the proceedings, General Everhart was presented with the Jimmy Doolittle award, a tradition honoring the legendary hero largely responsible for the birth of a separate Air Force and a prominent figure in IRON GATE’s creation and distinguished past.  Gen. Doolittle’s visit to IRON GATE with his safety pilot Ben Kelsey on the 50th Anniversary of his “ Blind Flight “ was for me an unforgettable moment  in our Chapter’s history – as  was this meeting.

Anthony J. Cipriano