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It is a privilege to welcome Melvin G. Dealie, US Air Force Colonel (Ret) and noted author as the guest speaker at Iron Gate’s April 2019 meeting.  Melvin is a decorated pilot with B-52 and B-2 Spirit piloting experience including a record setting   44.3 hour combat mission during Desert Storm / Enduring Freedom.  In addition Melvin is the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, is a graduate of the USAF Weapon School and has a PhD in American History from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Finally Melvin is an associate professor at the Air Command and Staff College.

What makes Melvin such an   interesting speaker is   his perspective on the history of the formation of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and how that organization, initially dominated by experienced WWII airmen created a unique culture that survives and thrives today.  He takes his experience as a teacher, pilot, historian and warrior to weave a narrative that gives insight to how SAC, when initially led by Curtis LeMay, defined a culture that emphasized security, personal responsibility and competition among the command structure.

To a large degree that culture thrives today and yields benefits as we continue to face at times unseen, though at the same time very dangerous enemies.

We often look back at history and think “…well that was an interesting time….” often without stopping to think through that we are products of that history and that history has created the organizations, politics and often the mind set with which we face current challenges.

We do well when we clearly understand out history and are able to take its key lessons and apply those lessons to current challenges.  And we can often shorten the learning curve when doing so.  It takes a person with the insights and communication style of Melvin to make those lessons obvious.

See you then, bring a guest.  Tom McCarthy – Vice President