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Carol Nelson, Treasurer                                        IronGateAFA.Org                              Tom McCarthy, Secretary


Happily, our Iron Gate home at the ’21 Club’ has reopened and will again host our luncheons. Mark your calendars for our final luncheon of 2018 will be held FRIDAY December 7,

“ PEARL HARBOR DAY”,  not our regular Thursday date.  Speaker to be announced.

In the business portion of our August 23rd luncheon, regular Iron Gate member Gen. Garrett Harencak was elected to membership on our Advisory Board. The addition of Gen. Harencak will add an important dimension to efforts in reaching out to the professional community and shaping policy. Advisory Board member Dick Caime reported on his successful efforts to establish a CYBERPATRIOT program at his grandson’s school.

Our guest speaker, Gen. Larry O. Spencer, Ret. AFA President, delivered a riveting presentation outlining his rise from the ranks, thru Officer’s Training School to the second highest rank in our Air Force – Vice Chief of Staff – a four star rank. In addition to having a decorated NCO for a father as an outstanding role model, Gen. Spencer benefited from the advice of another NCO who helped to persuade him to reach higher and pursue a career through Officer’s Training School.  Additionally, Gen. Spencer offered advice on preserving and increasing membership citing a productive meeting at a local chapter that helped increase enrollment and going so far as to offer his personal efforts to chapters interested in his help at increasing membership.   In his message, he reminded us an Air Force veteran is an “Airman For Life“ and Membership in our AFA community is a proven career enhancing investment.

In the remainder of his presentation Gen. Spencer cited the very rapidly developing field of cyber science and its impact on communication and our personal relationships with each other and everyday choices as the expanding field of online algorithms intrude on and are influencing our lives in ways that may be barely perceptible, but at times very strong indeed. To quote a recent Wall Street Journal article:  “Social media’s algorithms tend to lump us into buckets and feed us information we’ve previously showed an interest in. Doing this across millions of people has meant dividing and polarizing populations into overlapping views of reality playing off or fueling our biases and are highly optimized to make us believe things that are not true.”

Today we are world leaders in fourth generation (4G) cellular technology dominating mobile technology making possible platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.  The race to 5G is on, and a lot is at stake. A perfect segue is our October 18th featured speaker, Lt. Gen. William J. Bender, Ret.  –  Chief Information Officer / Cyber Security  – Air Force.

Do not miss this presentation on October 18th. Bring your friends and remember we will be back at “21 Club”.    


Anthony J. Cipriano, President