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Happily, our Iron Gate home at the ’21 Club’ has reopened with an outstanding luncheon in October.  NOTE: Mark your calendars for our final luncheon of 2018 will be held FRIDAY December 7, “ PEARL HARBOR DAY”, not our regular Thursday date.  Speaker will be Shuttle Astronaut Robert Cenker.

In the business portion of our October luncheon, President Tony Cipriano brought us up to date on all things related to Iron Gate, though perhaps none more important, and moving, than the news and subsequent tribute to Bruce Whitman who passed away earlier in October.  As Tony said of Bruce “….Normally when a person earns an award that person is elevated by the award, when Bruce was presented with an award the value of that award was elevated…”.  Bruce was extremely well regarded by all in the aviation community and by all of us who knew him whether through Iron Gate or personally.  We will miss him deeply.

Our guest speaker, Gen. William Bender, Ret. delivered a sobering presentation on the challenges we face in all aspects of government, military and civilian endeavors related to cyber threats.  General Bender had the responsibility for defining and then acting on cyber threats as related to the Air Force and our military so his first hand knowledge can only be valued and listened to.  While he presented a vision that contains many more challenges than solutions being implemented, as they say, acknowledging a problem is the first step to solving it.  To that point we ALL need to be more aware of and effectively knowledgeable about this threat so we can effectively engage our government representatives and take personal responsibility for our cyber activates.  To that point here is a YouTube link to a presentation that Gen Bender recommended to the author of this newsletter as being a thorough re-cap of his in-person presentation:




In the remainder of the meeting all had a good time, though perhaps a bit more somber than is usual, again in memory of Bruce.  It was good to see a robust number of attendees, though IRON GATE CONTINUES TO NEED NEW MEMBERS!  Please be alert to those around you in your business or personal lives who would either enjoy membership or who could add to the good work that Iron Gate does.

NOTE: Future speakers include Col (RET) Melvin Deaile, now Associate Professor At Joint Warfighting Department at Air University’s Air Command and Staff College and author of Always at War: Organizational Culture in Strategic Air Command and Gen (RET) Kevin “Chili” Chilton who in addition to a stellar Air Force career including: RF-4C Phantom II, F-15, F-4 and Air Force Test Pilot School also flew on various shuttle missions.  They will join the long list of outstanding and informative speakers at Iron Gate.


Again, our December meeting will be on FRIDAY, December 7thBack at the renovated 21 Club.

  Bring a guest. Bring two guests!